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Voluntary Scholarship with the European Youth Organization in Lithuania

■ About the European Youth Organization:

 It is one of the largest organizations in Europe that helps young people to work, volunteer and develop their personal skills in Europe and covers 35 countries.

■ Details of the volunteer project:

Country: Lithuania 

Duration: 46 weeks (01/09/2020 31/07/2021) 

Deadline: March 31, 2020

■ Description of the volunteer project: 

The European Youth Organization provides volunteer opportunities for students to work in the field of childcare in Europe, specifically in Lithuania, which is one of the European Union countries. The volunteers will provide care for the children from the age of 2 to 6 years and carry out daily activities based on the education of the following children:

1) Being creative through some games and teaching them the spirit of working in a team and respecting each other.

2) Teaching children respect and hygiene. 

3) Discussing and consulting with them about what arouses their curiosity at this age. 

4) Informal education, such as simple everyday words, such as hello and others.

■ The characteristics that a volunteer must have: 

The person is enthusiastic and has a passion for volunteering. 

The volunteer must be between 1830 years of age. 

Be excited to live in Lithuania for the duration of the project. 

Certain degrees or high level in the English language are not required. 

Never be involved in EVS or ESC activities.

■ Financial coverage and benefits: 

1) The costs of traveling back and forth from the volunteer country to Lithuania will be paid. 

2) The volunteers will live in shared apartments with volunteers or other students. 

3) All living facilities will be provided with water, electricity, internet and others. 

4) Each volunteer will receive a monthly pocket money and transportation card. 

5) Each volunteer will receive an amount of food every month.

■ How to apply: 

To apply for this opportunity, Click here to enter the official site Then click on Apply Now, create an account, fill in and submit the application form.

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